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The City Rider electric scooter is a great choice is a great choice for both lightweight and heavyweight riders, given it can accommodate up to 120 kgs without affecting its performance. The front axle of the City Rider electric scooter is fitted with a shock absorber, which makes it comfortable to ride even on rugged terrain.

Key Features of the City Rider Electric Scooter

  • 120 kgs weight capacity
  • Weighs 15 kgs (33 lbs)
  • Drum brake, and regenerative anti-lock braking system
  • 36-volt 18650 lithium battery/4-6 hour charging time
  • 350-watt DC brushless motor
  • 8-inch tires/LCD panel/3 riding modes
  • 5mph [25kmh] top speed
  • 14miles [22km] maximum distance

It is equipped with both a drum brake in the rear, and regenerative anti-lock braking system for improved safety and comfort, and is fitted with an LCD panel, which indicates several functions of the vehicle including battery power and speed.

Speaking of which, the City Rider comes with a 36-volt 18650 lithium battery, which takes roughly 4 – 6 hours to fully charge, and then allows you to ride for 14 miles [22km] before the nest battery recharge.

With regards to power, the City Rider electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with its onsite robust 350-watt DC brushless motor, which allows it to climb an impressive 12 degrees uphill. Adding to this, it can achieve a 15.5mph [25kmh]max speed, which is much higher than similar models in its segment.

The City Rider electric scooter comes with 8-inch super grip tires, so you get optimal grip on the road even when riding in wet weather conditions. It weighs 15 kgs and measures 1000 x 570 x 1200 mm when unfolded, 1000 x 180 x 370 mm when folded, and is CE/RoHS certified.

The City Rider electric scooter is crafted from high quality aluminum alloy, and allows you to choose from three different riding modes — eco, normal and sport. It features mudguards and lights at the front and rear, and a kick stand to support the scooter when parked.

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