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The E73 electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 350-watt, 48-volt rear motor. This motor allows it to achieve a 20 degree climbing angle, making it a great choice for riding in slopy terrain. It does not need a license / insurance / registration to ride
on the road and can be ridden by anyone above 14 years.

Key Features of the E73 Electric Scooter

  • 48V/20Ah battery
  • 250-watt, 48-volt rear motor
  • 20 degree climbing angle
  • 4 – 8 hours battery charging time/40 kms (24 miles) to 50 kms (31 miles) per
  • Dual front fork shock absorbers
  • 25 km/h (15 mph) max speed
  • 130 kgs weight capacity
  • No license / insurance / registration required
  • Clear and crisp LCD display
  • Wide deck to rest legs, handlebar grips and thick padded seat

The E73 electric scooter comes with a 48V/20Ah battery, which can be charged quickly within four to eight hours, and then offers a running distance between 40 kms (24 miles) to 50 kms (31 miles). It is fitted with premium quality dual front fork shock
absorbers, which enhance the overall comfort quotient of your rides.

The E73 electric scooter tips the scales at 75 kgs, making it easy to control for both novice and seasoned riders. It comes with two 16-inch tires, which make it easy and safe to ride on moderately wet and slightly rugged UK roads.

The E73 electric scooter offers a max speed of 25 km/h (15 mph), and comes with a front disc brake and rear drum brake for top notch safety. It features two stylish side view mirrors, and a large headlight and taillight, so you can see clearly in low light

Adding to this, the E73 electric scooter comes with a well padded seat, which can accommodate two people comfortably. It features a wide deck to rest your legs while riding, and handlebar grips, which prevent causing strain on your hangs when riding
for longer periods.

The E73 electric scooter can handle up to 130 kgs weight, allowing to carry goods and/or another rider when you ride. Adding to its long list of features is a clear and crisp LCD display, which indicates several key functions of each ride including speed, distance and battery power.

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