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The electric mountain bike E27AM02BL has gained traction due to its game-changing blend of cutting-edge technology and rugged design. It can skillfully elevate your off-road adventures to unprecedented heights. The lightweight alloy frame and 27.5'' wheels deliver unparalleled agility and manoeuvrability, making challenging terrain navigation easy.

Key Specifications:

  •  Lightweight Alloy Frame: 27.5'' Electric MTB
  • Walking Speed Function: 6 km/h
  • Reliable Front Wheel Motor: 36V, 250W
  • Long-lasting lithium battery: 36V, 11.6AH
  • Smooth Start Sensor: Thin movement sensor
  • Intelligent LED Dashboard: User-friendly controls
  • Quick Recharge Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Impressive Speed and Range: 25 km/h, 50–60 km
  • High Load Capacity: 120 kg
  • Road-Ready Lighting: 1W LED Lights
  • Smooth Gear Shifting: Shimano Tourney, 7 Speeds
  • Quality Tyres: Kenda 27.5*1.95"
  • Adjustable Comfort: Saddle and Handlebars
  • Easy to Handle: Weighs 23 kg

The E27AM02bl, boasting a unique walking speed function of 6 km/h, enhances convenience for urban commutes and navigation in crowded areas. This allows effortless manoeuvrability through tight spaces or easy parallel walking with your bike, thus amplifying your overall riding experience.

The E27AM02bl, equipped with a dependable front-wheel motor rated at 36V and 250W, offers seamless and immediate acceleration. This feature ensures effortless ascents and rapid speed-ups on all terrains. The motor, engineered to operate without Hall Sensor technology, reassures heightened reliability and efficiency. It consistently delivers high performance while maintaining impeccable durability.

The E27AM02BL invites you to encounter uninterrupted adventures. Its long-lasting lithium battery, boasting a capacity of 36V/11.6AH and harnessing Samsung cells, offers not only exceptional reliability but also remarkable durability. It extends your exploration range significantly from 50 to 60 km on just one charge! With this powerhouse by your side, bid farewell to the nagging worry about range; instead, venture further than ever before with confidence and peace of mind.

The E27AM02bl's thin movement sensor facilitates power assistance without delay, ensuring seamless starts and smooth acceleration. The design aims to provide a comfortable, controlled riding experience from the outset; moreover, this sensor ensures consistent performance, delivering even power assistance throughout your journey.

The E27AM02bl, boasting a quick recharge time of 4-6 hours and enduring over 1000 cycles, offers you minimum downtime and maximum ride time. We designed this electric mountain bike to withstand daily use demands; thus, it will provide reliable performance for years ahead.


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Gear System:

Shimano TOURNEY, SL-RS35-7R, TY-21 , 7 Speeds




Electric Mountain Bike

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Disk Brakes

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40 kg

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