FW-H85B Electric Scooter

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The FW-H85B electric scooter is equipped with a 250-watt brushless motor, and comes with two 8.5-inch tires, which measure 2-inches wide. It is made from sheet metal aluminum alloy, which results in long service life of the scooter.

Key Features of the FW-H85B Electric Scooter

  • 250-watt brushless motor
  • 36V 7.5ah Lithium battery
  • 5 – 6 hour charging time
  • 120 kgs weight capacity
  • Front electronic brake and rear disc brake
  • 15-degrees climbing angle, and a 25 km/h (15 mph) max speed
  • 20km [12 miles]
  • 5 kgs weight
  • 3 riding modes to choose from — low, normal, and sport

The FW-H85B electric scooter is fitted with an industry-leading 36V 7.5Ah Lithium battery, which takes roughly five to six hours to fully charge, and then allows you to ride for 20 km (12 miles). It can carry up to 120 kgs (74 lbs) weight, making it a great choice for lightweight and heavy riders.

The FW-H85B electric scooter can be changed easily by connecting it with any easily available 110-240V 50-60HZ    42V/1.5A electrical outlet. Further, it is equipped with a high-quality braking system that consists of a front electronic brake and rear disc brake, which together provide optimal stopping power even on wet roads.

The FW-H85B electric scooter can achieve a climbing angle of 15-degrees, and a 25 km/h (15 mph) max speed. It offers three riding modes to choose from — low, normal and sport, making it easy for beginners to get their feet wet with electric scooters.

The FW-H85B electric scooter 15 cms ground clearance, which makes it possible to go over small bumps on the road. It weighs 13.5 kgs, making it easy to fold and take with you wherever you go. The FW-H85B electric scooter is fitted with an LED front light and LED brake light, which allows you to ride safely in nighttime conditions.

It measures 105cms x 44cms x 115cms, and 105cms x 44cms x 52cms when folded, and is fitted with a clear LCD display that indicates several functions of the scooter with a single glance including speed and battery power.

Additional information

Tyre size

8.5’’ solid tyre

Width of tyre


Body material

Sheet Metal +Aluminium Alloy

Climbing angle




Max speed


Max loading


Motor Power

250W Brushless motor

Chinese brand battery

36v 7.5ah lithium battery

Charging voltage

110-240V 50-60HZ 42V/1.5A

Charging time



Low, Normal, Sport

LCD display

Speed Range +Power Display Time

Brake system

Front electronic brake, rear disc brake


LED front light + LED brake light

Ground distance

: 15cm


13.5Kgs /16.2Kg

Body size


Folding size



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