GTC-HW2 Electric Scooter


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The GTC-HW2 electric scooter is a stunner to say the least, with its black finish, topped by red highlights. It is powered by a 500-watt motor that allows it to achieve a max speed of 30 km/h (18 mph), which is slightly higher than other models in its segment.

Key Features of the GTC-HW2 Electric Scooter

  •  500-watt motor
  •  30 km/h (18 mph) max speed
  •  36-volt rechargeable battery/6-8-hour charging time/40 kms (24miles)  to 60 kms(37 miles) runtime
  • Foldable design with clear display
  • Electronic brake and disc brake
  • 8.5-inch anti-skid tires
  • LED lights, mudguards, and tire shock absorption system
  • Rubberized handlebar grips

Furthermore, the GTC-HW2 electric scooter is equipped with a 36-volt rechargeable battery, which when fully charged in roughly between six to eight hours offers 40 kms (24 miles) to 60 kms (37 miles) runtime.
The GTC-HW2 electric scooter is CE certified, so you can be rest assured it meets stringent quality and safety standards. It features a foldable design, making it easy to take with you on the go, and comes with rubberized handlebar grips that enhance the overall comfort quotient of each ride.
The GTC-HW2 electric scooter comes with a clear and crisp display at the front that displays speed, battery power and mode in real time, and with a single glance. With regards to safety, the GTC-HW2 electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with its integrated electronic brake and disc brake that provide excellent stopping power in UK wet weather conditions.
The GTC-HW2 electric scooter is crafted from premium quality aluminum alloy, and can accommodate up to 12- kgs weight, making it a great choice for moderate to heavy weight riders. To top things off, the GTC-HW2 electric scooter is equipped with two 8.5- inch anti-skid tires, LED lights, mudguards, and a tire shock absorption system.


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