HL-D50B Electric Dirt Bike

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The HL-D50B Electric Dirt Bike provides riders with a top speed of 45 kmh/28 mph owing to its integrated 36v/500 watt brush motor. Its inbuilt 12 volt battery takes roughly 5-7 hours to charge to the brim, and offers an impressive 350 cycle service life. This electric dirt bike is equipped with 2.50-10 tires, and has a weight capacity of 90kgs. In terms of performance, comfort and safety, the HL-D50B Electric Dirt Bike doesn’t disappoint with a front and rear disc brake, front shock and rear spring suspension and chain drive system.

  • Inbuilt 12 volt battery
  • Top speed of 45 kmh/28 mph
  • 36v/500 watt brush motor
  • Weight capacity of 90kgs
  • Front and rear disc brake, front shock and rear spring suspension

The HL-D50B Electric Dirt Bike measures 120 x 60 x 78 cms and is lightweight, making it a great choice for both novice and seasoned dirt bike riders. If you’re looking for an electric dirt bike that will provides hours of fun on the trails without compromising on performance, the Mr Fang HL-D50B Electric Dirt Bike ticks all the right boxes.

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