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If you like the look of a sleek motor scooter, but don’t have a license or can’t get insurance, this is the electric scooter Z4L LS2 for you. It is classified as an electric bike so does not require a license, registration or insurance, but has a sleek, sporty appearance very similar to high-cost scooters, for which you must have a license and insurance. The maximum speed is 25 kmh/15.5 mph, unassisted. Perfect for riding back and forth to classes or commuting, the LS-2 Scooter has a steel frame and 18” normal tires and twin rear view mirrors included.

All-alloy rims and a hydraulic suspension system front fork make the ride comfortable and steady. The LS-2 Scooter is run by a 36-volt, 200-watt brushless motor, and a 36-volt 10ah lithium battery. The battery charges from normal household current and a full charge take about 4-6 hours. The charge life of the battery is about 1000+  charges. Front drum brakes and rear expanding brakes with motor lock make your ride safe. Pedals of Z4L LS2 are plastic and fixed; they don’t fold. A mudguard protects your clothing in wet weather.  The LS-2 No-License Scooter comes in black, grey. The colors have a sporty feel about them, so you look as if you are driving a much-higher priced scooter. The minimum age to ride this scooter is 14 years.

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