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The M1 electric scooter is fitted with a heavy duty battery that takes between four to six hours to fully charge, and then offers a riding distance between 35 kms (21 mph) and 40 kmh (24 mph).

Key Features of the M1 Electric Scooter

  • Heavy duty battery/4-6 hour charging time
  • 35 kms (21mph) and 40 kms (24 mph) riding distance per charge
  •  500-watt motor
  •  35 km/h (21 mph) to 45 km/h (24 mph) max speed
  •  130 kgs weight capacity
  •  15-degrees and 25-degrees uphill climbing capacity
  •  Three colorful lights
  •  Mudguards at the front and rear
  •  Made from robust aluminum alloy
  •  Two large 10-inch tires
  •  Bright headlight and taillight

Adding to this, the M! electric scooter comes with a massive 500-watt motor that allows it to reach a max speed between 35 km/h (21 mph) to 45 km/h (24 mph). The M1 electric scooter can accommodate up to 130 kgs weight, making it an ideal choice for moderately heavy weight riders.

It can climb between 15-degrees and 25-degrees uphill, and comes with a detachable seat, so you can either stand or sit and ride the scooter.

The M1 electric scooter weighs 23 kgs, and is appointed with three colorful lights so you stay clearly visible to other riders on the road. Additionally, the M1 electric scooter is crafted with robust aluminum alloy, so it will last you for years to come with
proper care.

It comes with two large 10-inch tires that together provide great grip on rugged and wet UK roads. The M1 electric scooter features plush handlebar grips to prevent strain on your hands when riding, and mudguards at the front and rear.

Furthermore, the M1 electric scooter comes with a bright headlight and taillight, and a class leading braking system for ultimate stopping power.