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The M6 electric scooter is powered by a robust 250-watt motor, which allows to it climb 14 degrees uphill, and gives it the power it needs to accommodate up to 100 kgs weight. Under its hood lies a powerful 36 volt-6.0 aH battery, which can be charged quickly in approximately 3.5 hours to five hours.

Key Features:
•   250-watt motor
•   36 volt-6.0 AH Lithium battery
•   14 degrees uphill climbing capacity
•   For ages 12+
•   25kms/h [15 mph] and 20 kms (12 miles) riding distance per charge
•   8.5-inch tires
•   3.5 hours – 5 hours charging time
•   IP54 rated

Adding to this, the M6 model features a foldable design, making it easy to take with you on the go. Speaking of size, it measures 1054mm x 436mm x 480mm when folded, and 1054mm x 436mm x 1150mm when unfolded. It tips the scales at just 12 kgs, so it’s a joy to fold and carry with you. The M6 electric scooter is designed for ages 16 and over, and offers a 20 kms riding distance per full battery charge. When it comes to speed, the M6 electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with its max speed of 25kms/h [15 mph] and 20 kms (12 miles), so it can be used easily by both novice or seasoned riders.

With regards to safety, the M6 electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with a great braking system, and two 8.5-inch tires for ultimate stopping power. Adding to this, it is IP54 rated, meaning you can ride it in moderate wet conditions without causing damage to the vehicle.

It is equipped with mudguards at the front and rear to prevent water from plashing over you as you ride, and a kickstand to support the vehicle when parked. The M6 electric scooter comes with plush padded handlebar grips to enhance the overall comfort quotient of each ride..

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