Model 30 City Electric Moped


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The Model 30 City Electric Moped is lightweight and agile, making it the perfect candidate for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. It comes in the graphite grey colour, which gives the bike a cool and attractive appearance.

Key Features of the Model 30 City Electric Moped

  • 2000W brushless DC hub motor
  • 48V 40Ah removeable lithium ion battery
  •  45 kmph/28 mph max. speed
  •  Up to 120 km/74 miles running distance
  •  10″ x 3.5” tyres
  •  Disc brake front and rear
  •  Net weight 80
  •  >15 degree climbing capacity
  •  CE certification

The Model 30 City Electric Moped ispowered by a 2000W brushless DC hub motorand runs on a 48V 40Ah Lithium ion battery. The bike can reach a maximum speed of 45 kmph/28 mph. It can travel up to a distance of about 120 km/74 miles on a single charge. The battery is rechargeable and can be easily removed from the bike. It needs an electrical output of 240V/50-60Hzand takes between 6-8 hours to be fully charged. The removable battery makes it an ideal choice for city dwellers who are short of an external charging point.

The Model 30 City is equipped with a regenerative braking system with disc brakes fitted in front and rear of the vehicle. It also has a premium dual front fork to maximize its shock absorption. The electric moped also comes with LED lights, centre and side stands, and a digital display screen.

Fitted with 10″ x 3.5” tyres over stainless steel wheels, the Model 30 City bike has a maximum loading capacity of 180 kg. It boasts of an impressive storage volume offered by the large black box and the space under the seat.

The Model 30 City Electric Moped comes with a full CE certification. The bike is delivered in a fully assembled condition. As a registered vehicle, one requires a driving
license, insurance and a helmet to drive this bike.