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A foldable or folding electric bike is quite popular among commuters, students, tourists, travellers, or anyone who needs a practical solution for urban mobility. Its popularity is due to its ease of use, environmentally friendly transport solution, flexibility, small size and lightness. Its non-dependence on fossil fuel is a big plus, especially in a day and age when there is a growing realization about the deleterious impact of burning fossil fuels to our environment. You can opt for a foldable bike if you belong or agree to the below-mentioned situations:

– You can use the bike to commute to your working place and back once in a while or even frequently if the need arises

– You want to limit the use of your car and are looking for an alternative eco-friendly vehicle

– You want to use the cycle lanes to travel faster and reduce the time being stuck in traffic

– Your small size home does not have enough space to house a normal size bike

– You want the flexibility and freedom to move or travel instead of depending on other people’s schedules

– As a tourist you want to explore places on your own without having to get into a crowded or time-bound public transport

– You want to achieve the twin objectives of commuting and exercising

Top features of a folding electric bike

A foldable electric bike can be differentiated from a conventional bicycle due to the below mentioned features:

Motor: This is arguably the most important feature in a folding electric bike, which provides power to the bike and allows you to do a host of activities. These include climbing an incline, commuting to and from work, or travelling in a tourist paradise. Go for such bikes with motors offering power between 250 watts and 350 watts. Besides, you should ensure the motor is super quiet, measures pedal and torque, and is placed either at the front or rear wheel or near the pedals.

Throttle: There are only a few foldable electric bikes that have a throttle to power them while their riders use the pedal. This feature can be very helpful when climbing steep inclines or travelling long distances. So, choose a folding electric bike that allows you to pedal when you want but gives a push when needed, especially while travelling in a challenging terrain.

Range: The distance travelled by your foldable electric bike on a single battery charge would depend on parameters such as the size and efficiency of the battery, the number of times you pedal, and the terrain. Or simply put, the range depends on the type of riding you undertake. For instance, should you plan to use more motor power than pedal, then you would need a large range battery. On the other hand, should you plan to pedal more and use less motor power, then you may go for a smaller range of the battery. Choose a rechargeable and removable battery that can be stored at room temperature. Go for batteries with 9 to 10 amp hours, for these can provide power to cover a 40-mile range without much adding to the weight or cost of the bike.

Braking system: You should opt for a powerful brake system, preferably hydraulic disc brakes to slow down or bring your folding electric bike to an instant stop. Besides, you may need motor inhibitors to disengage the motor when using the brake system. This way you need to apply a small force while braking to bring your foldable bike to a halt.

Tyres: Most foldable bikes do not have any suspension system to absorb shocks thereby making them less comfortable to ride. However, large inflated tyres can increase the comfort level and provide a cushion against the surface.


The presence of the above-mentioned features is essential to make any folding electric bike efficient, comfortable, powerful, and utilitarian. These apart, there can be considerations of control panel, drivetrain, and warranty to enjoy the ride and receive reliable customer service, when needed.

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