Which Electric Moped to Buy?

Posted On August 15, 2019 By Amit Parmar

Electric mopeds have garnered a surge of appeal even since they went mainstream a few years ago. This is due to several reasons, most notably that they make it easy and cost efficient to commute on your daily errands. Adding to this, an electric moped is a great way to protect the environment, given that it is powered by batteries and does not emit any harmful fumes into the air.

Many consumers however as which electric moped UK model to buy given the myriad options, specs and features available. So, here’s what to look for when buying an electric moped in the UK. First things first – you should determine how much you’d like to or can spend on an electric moped, because it will help you narrow down on your choices.

Range of electric moped UK models – this is one of the most important factors to consider when on the shopping trail for an electric moped, and basically indicates the distance an electric vehicle can run for before it out of battery juice. This can sometimes be a tricky task as some manufacturers may exaggerate the numbers, so your best bet is to take whatever they claim and divide it into two.

Weight capacity – this refers to the amount of weight a respective moped can hold. Most of the best electric moped UK models can easily accommodate up to two healthy people, without affecting the performance of the vehicle.

Power – this is represented in watts, and the higher the number, the more powerful the electric moped. To give you a rough idea, 250 watts of power is ideal for in-city commuting, but you will have to step it up a few notches to 350 or even 500 watts if you’re going to ride in areas with steep hills often.

Brakes – safety should always be top priority when buying any type of vehicle. With regards to electric scooters, there are several different types of brakes to choose from. To explain briefly, drum brakes are generally low maintenance and deliver great performance in wet conditions, whereas disc brakes offer the best stopping power, and are generally seen in top of the line electric mopeds.

Tires – it goes without saying that poor quality tires are going to affect the performance and safety of the moped. When checking out the tires of an electric moped, ensure that they offer a great grip on the road and preferably are many by reputed manufacturers.

Suspension – if you don’t want to feel every bump on the road when riding, you should buy an electric moped UK model that is equipped with a suspension system. These systems can either be attached to the front, rear or both wheels.

Lighting – just like cars, lights are an important component of electric mopeds as well as they help you see the road ahead in low light conditions. All electric mopeds are appointed with lights at the front and rear, so vehicles travelling behind you can see you clearly.

Buying an electric moped is a great investment especially for daily commutes as it can save you a fair amount of cash on fuel. Given that electric scoter models vary across manufacturers and consumer needs vary, you should consider the aforementioned basic factors to ensure that you buy a safe and durable electric vehicle.

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