Why Off-Road Scooter T113 is Awesome? Leave a comment

When on the shopping trail for the best electric off-road scooter, you will be spoilt for choice, given the myriad options available. But the T113 off-road electric scooter scores high in this segment, owing to several great reasons.

For starters, the T113 off-road electric scooter can be ordered in a choice of two different variants — with seat and without seat. If you’re going to be riding for longer distances, the T113 with seat electric scooter is perhaps a great option for you.

Both T113 electric scooter models are powered by a robust 3200-watt motor, which allows them to achieve a 70kmh/45mph max speed.

The T113 with seat off-road electric scooter is powered by a class leading 60v LG26AH battery, whereas the model without seat comes with a LG 60v 32AH battery.

The T113 with seat model offers 80-90km/50-55 miles riding distance per charge, whereas the without seat model offers a slightly higher 100-120km /63-75 miles riding distance per charge.

The T113 electric off-road scooter boasts a comfortable ride on both rugged and smooth UK roads, thanks to its dampening system at the front and rear. It weighs between 34 to 42 kgs, making it easy to manoeuvre for both novice and seasoned riders.

Speaking of weight, both models of the T113 electric scooter can accommodate a whopping 150 kgs, so they can be used by light, as well as heavyweight riders. With regards to safety, the T113 electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with its dual oil brakes, which collectively provide excellent stopping power even on moderately wet UK roads.

The seat included with the T1113 electric scooter is extremely comfortable and plush padded, which enhances the overall comfort of the ride. The T111 electric scooter is fitted with 11-inch off-road inflatable wheels, which offer great grip on the roads.

It is equipped with a bright headlamp, and taillight, so you can see clearly and be seen by other vehicles in low light conditions. Adding to this, the T113 electric scooter comes with a kickstand to support the vehicle when parked.

The T1113 electric scooter showcases a foldable design, making it easy to take with you on the go. Further, its handlebar features comfortable grips, so you can ride for longer periods without causing strain on your hands.

Both T113 off-road electric scooter models come in an eye-catching black finish, and a wide platform for easy riding.

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