Why should You Buy the TDR 14 No License Scooter?

Posted On September 29, 2020 By Amit Parmar

A no-license scooter just as the name would suggest provide a fantastic riding experience on both short and long distances, without the need to for a license, registration or insurance.

This type of electric scooter has received a surge of appeal among young and old, and everyone in between, most notably because they are a fun and economical way of getting from A to B, and back home!

Buying the best no license scooter however can be a tricky affair, owing to the many options available. But the TDR 14 no license scooter scores well in this segment for myriad great reasons.

For starters, the TDR 14 no license scooter is powered by an industry leading 48v 14ah lithium battery, which charges fairly quickly, and then allows you to ride for 40 kms/25 miles before the next battery replenishment. The battery of this no license scooter is removable, making it easy to charge it when power runs low.

The TRD 14 no license electric scooter can be ordered in a choice of three exciting colors — white, red, and black, each weighing 50 kgs/110 lbs. With regards to safety, the TDR 14 no license electric scooter doesn’t disappoint with its onsite front disc brake, which provides excellent stopping power even in moderately wet UK Roads.

Adding to this, the TRD 14 no license scooter can reach a 25kmh/15.5mp max speed, making it a great choice to get to your daily errands quickly. But that’s not all, The TRD 14 no license electric scooter showcases a 10 percent uphill climbing capacity, so you can ride it easily on both smooth and rugged terrain.

The TRD 14 no license electric scooter boasts a sturdy build with its all steel frame, and rings in with a rich set of features, starting with two side mirrors, taillights and one large headlight, so you stay clearly visible to other motorists on the road. Adding to its long set of features is a plush padded seat, which enhances the overall comfort quotient of the ride.

The TRD 14 no license electric scooter is equipped with a kickstand to support the vehicle when parked. It comes with mudguards both at the front and rear to prevent water from splashing in UK rainy weather. Additionally, it features a broad deck to place, and if factory fitted with a steering lock to protect it against theft.

Final Thoughts:

When shopping for the best no-frills i.e. an electric scooter that doesn’t require any license, registration or insurance to ride on UK roads, you really can’t go wrong with the TRD 14 no license scooter.

It is a great choice for both novice and seasoned riders, and comes with a removable lithium battery, making it easy to charge in your home. Further, the battery of the TRD

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