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Powacycle Windsor LPX Electric Bike

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Windsor LPX Electric Bike

Combine the better of two worlds with this electric bike that can also be pedaled around town and countryside. The Powacycle Windsor LPX Electric Bike is meant for riders over the age of 14. Not only is it lightweight, sporting an aluminum body, but the Lithium Polymer battery is lighter than a lead acid battery.

The Powacycle Windsor LPX Electric Bike has a 200-watt electric motor that helps you attain speeds of about 15.5 mph (25 km/h). A six-gear Shimano gearbox helps manage your speed. The pneumatic tires are on 26-inch rims, which is a good size for optimum travel. The battery charges completely in about six hours. The fully charged battery will give you about 37 miles of powered travel. The battery pack can be recharged about 500 times before replacement.

Powacycle electric bikes are fully adjustable and this model weighs about 22 kilograms, including the battery. There is a rack behind the saddle, a portable battery charger, and a kickstand to keep the bike upright when not in use. Using an electric bike for commuting or shopping has minimal impact on the environment, unlike a gasoline-powered car. Pedaling the bike when you like allows you to exercise as you efficiently commute.

Throttle : Assisted power only - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - any speed you like
High Spec twist grip throttle 200W intelligent brushless motor Japanese Shimano 6 gear mechanism V brakes front and rear 26 inch wheels for smooth ride
Battery Performance Li-Ion battery – 26V 13 Ah=338 Watt hours 25 - 35 miles with pedalling on a flat surface Full battery recharge in 4 to 6 hours > 500 recharge cycles Battery weight only 2.6Kg
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Physical Features Adult sized step-through aluminium frame Suitable for ages - 14 to 99 Handlebar height - 112cm to 115cm Saddle height - 83cm to 95cm Length of cycle - 184cm Weight including battery 22kg
Extras included Battery charger Rear rack Kick stand
Carrying Capacity: 98kg
Wheel Type: 26"

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